We have hired LEMMEX, and will do so again in the future without hesitation, to improve our organization with specific needs and concerns.  They effectively assessed what our unique organizational needs were and worked with us to develop specific outcomes based on that knowledge.  To have tailored training and coaching based on our own requirements added value that resonates daily.  To have to base your training  on what  companies can offer instead of on what your individual needs are is not a model that reflects progress.  For us, the adaptability of making our organization the most important component of the training process through genuine understanding and professional delivery has yet to be matched by any other we have worked with.”

Ottawa Professional
Fire Fighters Association


LEMMEX GROUP is a second generation, federally incorporated Management Training firm with over 30 years of proven experience delivering quality and proven training solutions to our Clients.  LEMMEX GROUP training makes a difference!


LEMMEX does not charge per head, training fees are based on an affordable per diem rate.  If your organization is considering sending 3-4 people to a public seminar, obtain customized training accommodating 4-20 people at the same cost.

We know what works, what doesn’t; when the group responds, or is disengaged.  We adapt our delivery and approach as the session evolves using a broad range of delivery techniques.  We recognize that “Adults learn by doing”, attention spans are short, and linkages must be made to their real world at an application level.  Adults need to hear it, see it, and do it. Adults learn best through engagement in a two-way process (Facilitation vs. Teaching).  They prefer to know what to expect and the desired outcome.

LEMMEX GROUP utilizes the development and delivery experience of Subject Matter Experts. Each resource is selected based on their delivery expertise, professional qualifications, knowledge of your industry and “real-life” experience.  Our resources don’t just deliver theory or text book answers, instead they transfer knowledge and demonstrate real-life skills relative to the workplace.  


LEMMEX GROUP is not a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” training organization; we do not offer public seminars.  Each course/program delivered is customized/tailored to the unique needs and environment of the client, and the real-life trends and challenges attendees face in today’s workplace.   


LEMMEX GROUP has an extensive library of stand-alone training courses and modular topics supported by case work, instruments, exercises and training aids.  Our Company’s history and extensive experience, enables us to tailor and customize off-the-shelf modules/courses in a very short timeframe, reducing the costs associated with developing “new” courses/programs.  Results:  Cost savings, added value to our client, deliver solution within the clients required timeframe.


All case work, exercises, assignment and discussions used in the classroom are relevant to attendee’s “real-life” workplace environment or current trends.  If attendee’s cannot relate, the level of retention and ability to apply the skills back at work is reduced by approximately 48%.  Quality control mechanisms and tools ensuring attendee's can apply skills are integrated into each course and topic.  LEMMEX is confident that we will meet and exceed attendee and client expectations.   

If client objectives and expectations are not met....the client is not charged!  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Training is scheduled based on your schedule and held at the client site or coordinated off-site.