LEMMEX GROUP delivers training solutions and consulting services to public and private sector clients locally, nationally and globally, working with small to medium sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. We are committed to identifying the solution that best suits your current and future needs.

We have built our training programs on the concepts of incremental growth and change — supported by reinforcement, business coaching and accountability. We accomplish this through our innovative programs, customizing and/or tailoring the content and delivery to clients environment and needs, knowledge of many industries, the assigned resources unique approach, and our extensive experience.

LEMMEX GROUP has more than three decades of experience helping professionals at every level grow; ensuring the solution we deliver helps you and your business succeed. We have both the reputation and the results to prove it! If you are looking to take the next step, learn more about our various solutions below or contact us to let us know how we can assist in achieving your goals.

Training is scheduled based on your schedule and delivered at your site or accomodated off-site at a location of your choice.  

Bullet Point Customized Corporate and Management Training 

Bullet Point Consulting Services

Bullet Point Coaching and Facilitator Services



LEMMEX GROUP corporate training courses/programs assist organizations of varied sizes develop and grow staff at all levels.  With thirty years in the training industry we recognize that the “one-size fits all” approach does not work. With LEMMEX, our corporate training course content is modified to be client-specific, competency based, supports specific issues/challenges staff are currently facing, and enables attendees to utilize newly learned skills and knowledge in the safe classroom environment where there is no ridicule or judging, only coaching and support.

LEMMEX GROUP has over 50 stand-alone courses and variations of modular based professional development programs in their library of operational and leadership courses, each are supported by exercises, case work, activities, instruments, etc.   The proven courses have been successfully delivered to both private/public sector clients (unionized and non-unionized).  As each course is customized and participant needs considered, the content and duration varies.  

We’re committed to supporting your company’s vision and objectives, while exceeding participant’s expectations!  Review our corporate training courses and Management Training.  We would be happy to offer a proven solution in response to your corporate and operational needs.


Leadership and management are critical to the success of every business. LEMMEX GROUP realizes the importance of skillful leadership, and for three decades we have helped managers and leaders develop, expand and refine their management skills with our interactive and real world based management training programs and courses. These courses instruct management and leaders how to:

Bullet Point Better understand behavior and potential
Bullet Point Improve confidence and self-esteem
Bullet Point Become better communicators
Bullet Point Grow and manage staff performance
Bullet Point Inspire others
Bullet Point Develop “essential” competencies
Bullet Point Set meaningful goals
Bullet Point Make better decisions
Bullet Point Manage time and resources effectively
Bullet Point Achieve increasingly difficult goals in shorter periods of time with less resources

Experienced in working with senior executives and staff at all levels

Each management training course/program is designed and customized specific to your actual goals, the leader’s real-life work environment and the challenges they face in their everyday role as a manager. Our participatory training programs emphasize actively learning new skills and following up with specific work environment application exercises.  This approach brings both the “how” and the real-world into the classroom.   If you are asking tomorrow’s leaders to grow, challenge and coach their staff they need to know not only the “how”, they also need to have seen it in action, thus the need for a highly facilitated approach.  

Discover WHY LEMMEX “adds-value” and is different than any other training you have experienced.  Refer to our Operational and Leadership course listing, each course is tailored to your environment.


With a vast experience base, the one thing we at LEMMEX GROUP have learned is it never works to create a solution then fit the problem to it.  We pride ourselves in working with clients in identifying issues and then burrowing down to the real problem at-hand before solution options are even discussed.   Allot of identifiable problems are really symptoms of a bigger issue; call it root cause analysis, we call it effective consulting.   At LEMMEX we work with the client through a systematic process, identifying the symptoms and then finding the real problem.   Solution options can then be explored and planned, to be implemented by either the client or by the experienced LEMMEX GROUP consulting team.


What makes these two topics similar is that the solution is drawn from you. Coaching tends to be a one-on-one session, while facilitating is a one-on-many session.   Through the use of expert interpersonal skills combined with decades of experience, we at LEMMEX GROUP pride ourselves in our ability to draw the issue out and then move into a coached or facilitated solution.


In today’s business environment “Coaching” is widely used to support top producers as well as a tool to correct underperformance.  Business coaching can provide professionals with focus unavailable from other forms of organizational support.  One-on-one interaction with and feedback from an objective third party helps them:

Bullet Point Fine-tune or develop their communication, decision-making, and leadership skills
Bullet Point Foster teamwork and inspire peak performance from their team members
Bullet Point Overcome procrastination, take action, and accomplish more
Bullet Point Fully realize their personal and professional potential
Bullet Point Achieve balance in their various roles
Bullet Point Develop new strategies for solving on-going problems
Bullet Point Create positive change in themselves, their team members, and their companies

If you’re open to feedback and willing to create positive change, LEMMEX’s business coaching can help you not only bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in the future, but also allow you to arrive at achieving solutions sooner.


LEMMEX GROUP provides meeting facilitators and guest speakers to a wide range of public and private sector organizations. Our resources are facilitators not trainers, offering services in both official languages.  If you are seeking a resource outside your organization, who is  unbiased, with no agenda, who can lead a meeting or retreat ensuring your goals are met and achieve outcomes, consider the services of an experienced LEMMEX GROUP facilitator. 

Our resources are:
Bullet Point Experienced in working with senior executives and staff at all levels
Bullet Point Well versed in many different learning approaches 
Bullet Point Capable of providing, design, facilitation, and reporting
Bullet Point Able to incorporate training topics with event purpose
Bullet Point Familiar with many different industries and sectors (unionized and non-unionized)
Bullet Point Able to adapt to your environment
Bullet Point Confident in achieving your objectives/goals
Bullet Point Available for free initial consultation 

If you are simply seeking a guest speaker to deliver a topic or activity that will compliment your event, consider hiring a professional resource that will not only deliver a topic, but will engage the audience as they learn…while having some fun!